What is the
Coastal Cleanup
Day ?

It is the world’s largest, annual, volunteer effort tackling the problem
of waste for our seas and waterways. The focus of the International Coastal Cleanup Day in Montenegro is waste reduction, in particular
of single use plastics.

As you may already know, plastics are highly detrimental to human health, wildlife, and the natural environment. As a fossil fuel product, plastic is pollution from the moment the oil or gas is extracted, and it continues to cause pollution throughout its lifecycle.

Plastic exacerbates climate change, emits greenhouse gas emissions.
It has even found its way to our bodies: We ingest at least 74,000 microplastic particles a year from the air we breathe, the water
we drink, and the food we eat. 

We can’t recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis: Only 9%
of all plastic ever discarded since 1950 has actually been recycled. 

Our individual choices matter. By choosing to reuse, we’re saving millions of pieces of plastic and sending a message to the rest of
the world that the solutions to plastic pollution and the climate
crisis are there – and together we can keep our environment,
oceans, and communities plastic-free for the future.

Costal Cleanup
Report 2019

Costal Cleanup
Report 2018

In 2019:



bottlles collected

#Wanna join us?

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Join us at one of 13+ locations along the Montenegrin river shores and coasts, help us protect our waterways. Show that you care!

On September 17th, go to the nearest location, pick up the trash, take a photo and post it on hashtags:


#Where are the cleanup sites?

Soon to be announced!

Meeting Point and Time:

Hotel Panorama
83560 Ulcinj

Start    9:00
End    11:00

How to get there:

By car: You will find parking spot in front of hotel Panorama – Velika Plaza

GPS coordinates:

Cleanup coordinator:

Name: Elvir Zecevic / Dzelal Hodzic 

Telephone Number: +382 (0) 67 044 044 / +382 (0) 69 534 453

Email: /

How to use GPS coordinates?

Go to Google Maps, and paste in the search field the GPS coordinates given in the Meeting Point section, then press Search.

#What to take with you:

Reusable bottle


Sun glasses

Old clothes


Sun cream

Reusable bags


Sunhat or cap

#What we will organize?

What to expect?

1. Giving instructions

You will receive instructions before the start of the cleanup on what should be collected, where to leave the trash bags, and which areas we will focus on for the cleanup.

2. Collection of litter

Each participant volunteer will be lent a pair of reusable garden gloves to collect litter abandoned on river shores and beaches during the event.

3. Separation of collected waste

On several beaches and river banks, the waste will be separated by type and brand. This will enable preparation of a Waste Audit Report that will be shared with the municipalities, the government and companies/brands.

4. Waste measurement

On each location, the quantity of waste collected will be measured. That will help us quantify litter on those locations.


First aid kit

We will have a First-aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes.


Soaps will be available to clean your hands after the cleanup.


Reusable bottle

You will receive a bottle to keep in your bag everyday.

Bamboo straw

Reusable bamboo
straw to enjoy your
favorite coktails.


Some seasonal fruits
and bakery snacks will
be available.

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