Founded in 2017 by Zero Waste Montenegro, Cleanup Montenegro is an informal network of NGOs and civil society organizations. Its primary aim is to engage civil society in mitigating waste pollution and curbing waste generation across Montenegro. With over 18 members currently, the network continues to expand, welcoming new members onboard. Actively engaged in communities from the coast to the mountains, we believe in the power of collective action and the impact that individuals can make when they come together for a shared cause.


Cleanup Montenegro aims to engage and support citizens and local non-governmental organizations in actively addressing waste management issues, promoting awareness through cleanup initiatives, events and educational workshops, with a focus on reducing waste production and littering for a cleaner Montenegro.


Discover below our members and connect with them!

Zero Waste Montenegro’s mission is to revolutionize waste management in Montenegro through the principles of zero waste and circular economy. Its goals include promoting resource efficiency, amplifying environmental education, and supporting institutions and businesses to implement the best zero-waste practices. ZWMNE is the founder and current coordinator of the CleanupMontenegro network. It was established in 2017 and is based in Podgorica.

NGO Green Home was founded by biology students on February 14, 2000, as a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan organization. The organization emerged from a desire for active participation in the preservation and improvement of the environment, as well as taking an active role in the development of civil society through the protection of biodiversity and the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in Montenegro in practice. It is based in Podgorica.

NGO LEGALIS (based in Pljevlja) was founded in 2017 as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization whose goal is to spread the promotion, protection and improvement of consumers, rights and protection of children and young people, rights and protection and improvement of the environment, protection of employees, protection at work, rights of persons with disabilities , the importance of human resources, as well as the encouragement of entrepreneurship and business, the economic development of the north, and the promotion of eco-tourism and products.

The NGO EDUCATIONAL ORDER Mama organization was founded on March 29, 2022. year with the aim of education and spreading awareness in the field of protection and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The work of the organization is aimed at empowering women, youth and minority communities in the domain of democracy, ecology, culture and art. The members of the organization are also activists of the first women’s eco movement in Montenegro – Ecopatriotism. It is based in Podgorica.

The Institute for the Development of Culture was founded in 2016 by a group of creative people who care about the development of scientific, cultural and intellectual values of our society. The goals of the association are: Scientific and professional research, education and capacity building of organizations dealing with environmental protection and rising awareness about the protection of environmental rights. It is based in Tuzi.

NGO JUVENTAS is founded on January 29th 1996 in Podgorica. For more than 25 years, we continuously implemented projects aiming to increase the quality of lives of young people, people at risk of social exclusion and socially excluded people and improving practice and human rights protection and promotion. NGO Juventas provides direct assistance, produces and advocates proposals of public policies amendments, develops capacities of decision-makers and service providers, as well as our target groups.

NGO Better life for a countryside is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization established in Pljevlja. The organization was created from the desire of young college-educated people, who returned to the city of their birth after study, to improve the quality of life of young people in their town and that their actions draw attention to the problem of dying villages.

The NGO Edelweiss was founded in 2006. The organization was established in response to a lack of public awareness regarding mountaineering and mountain sports, guides, infrastructure, and environmental protection. The organization’s founders are experienced mountain guides and environmentalists. It is based in Rožaje.

NGO Gnijezdo is an organization that was founded in 2020 in Podgorica. The organization aims to encourage ecology, ecological progress, and environmental protection and preservation, while also promoting youth development in environmental protection. Additionally, it supports proactive youth participation in community and environmental activities.

DEMOCRATIC EUROPEAN INITIATIVES is an NGO that includes the informal group LOCAL ECOLOGICAL PARLIAMENT. Their vision is the democratization of environmental law and policy, and their mission is to strengthen democratic approaches to promote a shift towards greener EU environmental policies based on the Green Deal. The Local Ecological Parliament serves as an informal body upholding environmental values, providing an additional support mechanism for good governance in local contexts. Through locally guided initiatives and community engagement, it seeks to establish a new relationship with nature by promoting instruments of green transition—such as environmental protection, climate change mitigation, energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable development, bioeconomy, and creative economy—for the sustainable rural development of communities. They are based in Danilovgrad.

The NGO Biologists Association-Cellula was founded in 2018 as a professional association that brings together biologists in Montenegro. The idea for the establishment is to popularize biology as a science, develop ecological activism and healthy lifestyles, give opinions and suggestions in order to improve the educational process in Montenegro. It is based in Podgorica.

NGO Putevima predaka is an ecological association founded in 2018 and based in Nikšić. Its aim is to improve the ecological status of Montenegro through the organization of events that promote the preservation of the environment. The goal of organizing events that connect active vacations in nature, sports, ecology and tourism contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, health and economic interests of current and future generations. Ecology, tourism and agriculture are strategies for the development of the state of Montenegro, and our small contribution on that path will be the popularization of healthy lifestyles and the preservation of the environment. The main goal of the association is the arrangement and greening of urban areas, the courtyards of kindergartens and schools, as well as the arrangement and maintenance of the trail for mountain biking and recreation on TREBJESA.

The Regional Development Agency – Ulcinj Business Association, established in 2002 aims to improve the business sector (SME), environmental protection, agricultural development in the region of Ulcinj.

The Center for New Initiatives is a dynamic organization based in Podgorica, dedicated to fostering innovation and supporting the development of new ideas in various sectors. Our mission includes strengthening the rule of law and democracy, public administration reform, media freedom and development, and the improvement of the judiciary, the fight against corruption, and the protection of fundamental rights. We provide a platform for creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and community leaders to collaborate, share resources and turn innovative concepts into projects with significant impact. Our focus is on sustainable development, community engagement and fostering social and economic progress.

Golija Green Cooperative was founded with the aim of social, economic, and infrastructural development of Golija. Mount Golija is a potential EMERALD area and may potentially be included in the NATURA 2000 network after Montenegro joins the EU. Our association is systematically working on the development and improvement of living conditions in this area, while also protecting the natural and cultural wealth of this region. It is based in Nikšić.