Founded in 2017 by Zero Waste Montenegro, Cleanup Montenegro is an informal network of NGOs and civil society organizations. Its primary aim is to engage civil society in mitigating waste pollution and curbing waste generation across Montenegro. With over 18 members currently, the network continues to expand, welcoming new members onboard. Actively engaged in communities from the coast to the mountains, we believe in the power of collective action and the impact that individuals can make when they come together for a shared cause.


Cleanup Montenegro aims to engage and support citizens and local non-governmental organizations in actively addressing waste management issues, promoting awareness through cleanup initiatives, events and educational workshops, with a focus on reducing waste production and littering for a cleaner Montenegro.


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Zero Waste Montenegro’s mission is to revolutionize waste management in Montenegro through the principles of zero waste and circular economy. Its goals include promoting resource efficiency, amplifying environmental education, and supporting institutions and businesses to implement the best zero-waste practices. ZWMNE is the founder and current coordinator of the CleanupMontenegro network. It was established in 2017 and is based in Podgorica.

The Center for Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP) is a prominent NGO in Montenegro dedicated to environmental conservation. Founded in 1999 and based in Podgorica, it focuses on protecting biodiversity and environmental advocacy.

The NGO Green Home, established in 2000 and based in Podgorica, actively works on environmental protection by advocating for sustainable energy policies, promoting biodiversity conservation and implementing projects to combat climate change. They aim to encourage community involvement in environmental preservation.

The NGO ecopatriotizam, established in 2021 and based in Niksic. It is the first women’s ecological movement in Montenegro. Ecopatriotism is an attitude.

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